#artlife - M.E.S.H, Leather & Lace Cabaret

Mesh AQ8 I am so lucky to be able to do the things I love to do. At the beginning of 2014, I said I wanted to do more performing, and little did I know my ability to call things into being. Not only did I want a higher quantity of performances, but also the platforms to do work that is challenging, pieces that force me outside of my box, as well as doing these performances for/with great causes and organizations.


Mesh AQ5


One of my favorite engagements of 2014 was a show called M.E.S.H, Leather & Lace: A Debutante Cabaret. MESH is short for Maine Educationalists on Sexual Harmony - www.sexualharmony.me. Check them out!

A quote from their mission...

M.E.S.H.'s goal is to create a holistic integration of sex and identity and to (re)build a stronger community united with sex-positive awareness. We are here to utilize our combined skills and knowledge to initiate conversation, provide information and material to educate and entertain our communities, and form a network of sex positivity and limitless identity. MESH sees the value in coalition and collective form. We are educators, artists, collaborators, performers, friends, lovers – but most of all we are dedicated to the potential for growth and change in Maine's ethics and understanding of sexual identity and practice.

Pretty damn awesome, right!?

  Mesh AQ1

  My piece talked about safe sex, communication, self-love, and ways that all of these things can improve your relationships and quality of life. And I just happened to be dressed up as a life-size hologram Vajazzle!


Mesh AQ12


Performing in cabaret and burlesque shows has an amazing way of building one's self confidence, and has given me connections to a rad community of empowered, sexually liberated artists of many identities. I am especially thankful for the queer community that I have in Portland, ME, and all of the amazing performance and art that comes from their collective energy.


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Photos courtesy of Stratton McCrady.