Falling/Flying - Derek Jackson of Hi Tiger

I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with this highly talented and multi-dimensional artist off and on for nearly 6 years. I am always impressed with his dedication, commitment to his art, and his all around aesthetic. Derek is the lead singer and creative director of Hi Tiger, a music performance art group that merges visual art, dance & movement, audio production into a choreographed performative chaotic thing of beauty. I have performed with Derek on a few occasions as a movement artist, and what comes out of it takes on a life of its own. Never the same, never dull and never mainstream, Hi Tiger is forging its own path as a fine art performance entity, beyond the usual bar and nightlife music scene, diving into queer existence and living outside of normativity. It forces you to look and witness, as it carves out a place to be seen.

I have always seen a quiet strength in Derek, whether in his performances and visual art, or just simply in his presence and energy. I created these images to show the power in his presentation, with styling that juxtaposes masculine & feminine, vulnerability & power, beauty & darkness.


Model & Makeup- Derek Jackson of Hi Tiger   hitiger.bandcamp.com Photo and Styling - Aquarius Funkk  www.aquariusfunkk.com Assist - Rollin Leonard  www.rollinleonard.com