#artlife - Synaptic Stimuli

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There are endless corners of the internet to get lost in. Some of which are more mind numbing than others. And others which can enrich your mind while being totally accessible and inspiring.

Enter Synaptic Stimuli.

I came across this website while searching for performance artist resources. Though it does not exactly fall under that category, there are countless blog entries of art in a multitude of mediums. I spent about two hours clicking post after post, drooling and gagging over the density of well curated, vibrant, mind boggling fine art.

synstim glasses

Description from the blog:

Synaptic Stimuli is the curation of hi-fidelity aesthetic stimulation which may affect and expand one’s consciousness, stir up latent cosmic origins, trigger cellular intelligence, tickle the neurons & warm one’s heart. To inspire and turn you on to your own evolutionary destiny.

It lives up to this, ten-fold.

Curator Michael Chichi has quite an impressive roster of work and other websites he curates. There is a legitimate treasure trove of internet diving that can come from one visit to his personal site.

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Six sites that range in content, from film and design, to curated art blog, to spiritual and cosmic awareness, to art nude photography. All high end, super curated fine art.


And that doesn't even count Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and Exposure. Infinite sources of inspiration and eye candy.

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I am super thrilled I stumbled across www.synapticstimuli.com, and all of the stems that have come from it. Discovering excellent art is part of my daily goals, and when I come across a gold mine such as this, I can't help but share. I hope you find hours of enjoyment looking through Synaptic Stimuli and its sister sites, and make sure to credit the artist whenever you share their work.