The Beginning!

sines of fear1 This blog has been a long time in the making. For years, I started and stopped writing, and very little of it actually ended up making it to the internet. Most of what I've published has been images of my modeling and performance, which I will continue to do here. What will be different this time is my motivation to read, research, and delve deeply into topics I'm passionate about: art, performance, style, design, makeup artistry, sexual liberation, self care, culture and spirituality.

I have experienced several instances of turmoil in recent years, all of which have pushed me to dig deeper into my spirituality, my goals, and my purpose in life. Above all, performance has been the pedestal where I have achieved the most personal growth. My career as a model and visual art entity have opened up avenues of creativity that I long to outline and share with others. I find my greatest fulfillment in the construction of imagery and story, captured through photography and live installation art. My main thread in this blog will highlight performance resources, my inspirations, the evolution of my artistry, and a spotlight on performance artists currently making moves.

Within my world of performance falls the rest of the topics I plan to cover: Fashion & Style - everything from the runways of Fashion Week events, to street style, to subculture trends, up and coming designers, and my personal style. Makeup - highlighting techniques & products, beauty professionals that are killing the game, and a special focus on theatrical & drag makeup and my personal techniques. Art & Design - links to excellent art blogs and artist resources, tools/tutorials/resources that I utilize to create my media, and spotlights on my artist crushes. Culture - LGBTQ+ Culture, Black Culture, Subculture, Millennial Culture, World Culture. Sexuality - Focusing on sexual liberation and gender expression for those who do not subscribe to the binary, showcasing NSFW artists, as well as my own NSFW art. Self Care - Meditation and spiritual practice, resources for emotional & mental health, techniques for being your best self, and many excerpts of my own journey.

I look forward to sharing, creating, and exploring here for a long time to come. Starting this blog is a pact with myself to keep doing these things on a regular basis, and to elevate my craft with the process of documenting my progress.

Thanks for following!