THIS: Travel & Style - Art to Wear by Alessandro Alviani

My time in San Miguel De Allende has been filled with amazing creative projects, so when Alessandro Alviani asked me to model his designs, I was thrilled and eager. Originally from Italy, Alessandro's work has been shown in nine Fashion Week events around the globe, and can only be found for purchase in art galleries. His 'art to wear' designs are made without patterns, creating unique pieces that become three dimensional art when worn. Collaborating with Alessandro was a treat, since we are both unorthodox artists, and he appreciates my identity as a 'personality' as opposed to a traditional model. He utilized my skills as a makeup artist, and we designed two makeup looks to add an edgy, tribal element.

In collaboration with THIS: Travel & Style, for the September/October issue, we created these amazing images that bring his designs to life. Gracias to Kunsthaus Santa Fe and Lothar Muller for providing the location.


Performance Art - Reflecting and Revealing

2015-12-20 19.34.09

My performer friends in Maine know how to put together a variety show. Last Christmastime, my friend Holly Danger invited me to perform in her holiday production, the Naughty Elves Burlesque Show. Holly always pulls together a great cast of the finest talent, and this was no exception.

2015-12-20 19.39.37

Drag Queens, Burlesque Dancers, Queer Sex Education, Cabaret, Comedy, it was a spectacular showcase. I love to perform in shows like this, because for one, I love a challenge to do something different, for two, the diversity in ideas and body types and styles always makes me happy. I did two numbers in this show, one of them was more of a burlesque number, and the second one(which can be viewed below) leaned more to performance/movement art.

[vimeo 155237281 w=640 h=524]

<p><a href="">Aquarius Funkk performs to Alchemy by TALA</a> from <a href="">aquariusfunkk</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

This piece will continue to evolve as I perform it again and again. It explores heartbreak, melancholy, and the strength I derive from redirecting my frustration and vulnerability into my art.

As a movement artist, I am constantly examining the process of giving physical and creative energy, how it is perceived by others, and the toll it sometime takes on the psyche. The idea of mirroring and reflection is always present in my creative process, so I dig into my own self reflection as well as the ways I reflect and receive reflection from others.

During the conceptualizing if this piece, I was heavily contemplating my achievements in 2015, the impact it had on me, and the strange relationship I’ve had with ‘fame’ and with Portland.

This piece is a representation of the power and fear in my self-perception, the ways I don’t quite fit neatly into societal constructs, and the pure rawness that presents in in the ways I choose to move and express emotion.

Photo Set - Blue Note

I love to create stylized, edgy, vibrant images that entertain my creativity and sexuality. It can a while for a freelance, alternative model to find her niche and work her strengths. For me, it took several years before I was consistently creating the kind of work I was proud of. Along the way, in working with a few different photographers, I was able to art direct my own sets and experiment with the back end of creating an image. This set, Blue Note, is one of those experiments. I set the lighting and mood, and also did the retouching to accentuate the colors and contrast. I'm always seeking to find that perfect blend of badass and sexy, rebellious and polished.

This is just a preview – see more at

This set was shot by 337 Photos – FB Page

#artlife - M.E.S.H, Leather & Lace Cabaret

Mesh AQ8 I am so lucky to be able to do the things I love to do. At the beginning of 2014, I said I wanted to do more performing, and little did I know my ability to call things into being. Not only did I want a higher quantity of performances, but also the platforms to do work that is challenging, pieces that force me outside of my box, as well as doing these performances for/with great causes and organizations.


Mesh AQ5


One of my favorite engagements of 2014 was a show called M.E.S.H, Leather & Lace: A Debutante Cabaret. MESH is short for Maine Educationalists on Sexual Harmony - Check them out!

A quote from their mission...

M.E.S.H.'s goal is to create a holistic integration of sex and identity and to (re)build a stronger community united with sex-positive awareness. We are here to utilize our combined skills and knowledge to initiate conversation, provide information and material to educate and entertain our communities, and form a network of sex positivity and limitless identity. MESH sees the value in coalition and collective form. We are educators, artists, collaborators, performers, friends, lovers – but most of all we are dedicated to the potential for growth and change in Maine's ethics and understanding of sexual identity and practice.

Pretty damn awesome, right!?

  Mesh AQ1

  My piece talked about safe sex, communication, self-love, and ways that all of these things can improve your relationships and quality of life. And I just happened to be dressed up as a life-size hologram Vajazzle!


Mesh AQ12


Performing in cabaret and burlesque shows has an amazing way of building one's self confidence, and has given me connections to a rad community of empowered, sexually liberated artists of many identities. I am especially thankful for the queer community that I have in Portland, ME, and all of the amazing performance and art that comes from their collective energy.


Mesh AQ13


Photos courtesy of Stratton McCrady.

Falling/Flying - Derek Jackson of Hi Tiger

I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with this highly talented and multi-dimensional artist off and on for nearly 6 years. I am always impressed with his dedication, commitment to his art, and his all around aesthetic. Derek is the lead singer and creative director of Hi Tiger, a music performance art group that merges visual art, dance & movement, audio production into a choreographed performative chaotic thing of beauty. I have performed with Derek on a few occasions as a movement artist, and what comes out of it takes on a life of its own. Never the same, never dull and never mainstream, Hi Tiger is forging its own path as a fine art performance entity, beyond the usual bar and nightlife music scene, diving into queer existence and living outside of normativity. It forces you to look and witness, as it carves out a place to be seen.

I have always seen a quiet strength in Derek, whether in his performances and visual art, or just simply in his presence and energy. I created these images to show the power in his presentation, with styling that juxtaposes masculine & feminine, vulnerability & power, beauty & darkness.


Model & Makeup- Derek Jackson of Hi Tiger Photo and Styling - Aquarius Funkk Assist - Rollin Leonard

#artlife - Synaptic Stimuli

  synstim- bodies

There are endless corners of the internet to get lost in. Some of which are more mind numbing than others. And others which can enrich your mind while being totally accessible and inspiring.

Enter Synaptic Stimuli.

I came across this website while searching for performance artist resources. Though it does not exactly fall under that category, there are countless blog entries of art in a multitude of mediums. I spent about two hours clicking post after post, drooling and gagging over the density of well curated, vibrant, mind boggling fine art.

synstim glasses

Description from the blog:

Synaptic Stimuli is the curation of hi-fidelity aesthetic stimulation which may affect and expand one’s consciousness, stir up latent cosmic origins, trigger cellular intelligence, tickle the neurons & warm one’s heart. To inspire and turn you on to your own evolutionary destiny.

It lives up to this, ten-fold.

Curator Michael Chichi has quite an impressive roster of work and other websites he curates. There is a legitimate treasure trove of internet diving that can come from one visit to his personal site.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 2.57.45 AM

Six sites that range in content, from film and design, to curated art blog, to spiritual and cosmic awareness, to art nude photography. All high end, super curated fine art.


And that doesn't even count Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and Exposure. Infinite sources of inspiration and eye candy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 3.12.54 AM.png

I am super thrilled I stumbled across, and all of the stems that have come from it. Discovering excellent art is part of my daily goals, and when I come across a gold mine such as this, I can't help but share. I hope you find hours of enjoyment looking through Synaptic Stimuli and its sister sites, and make sure to credit the artist whenever you share their work.



I believe in the power of the universe.

Constellations speak my truths. Twinkling light years wisdom. Arbitrary shapes illuminate wild Imaginations of wide-eyed gazers. Solar flares fire electro pulsation Shivering through my equilibrium. Celestial gemstones, precious droplets Of sea-sky hung over beneath me.

Imagining the distance around a circle Spun but moved nowhere at all. Reflections long burnt out Of stars and supernova revelations. Mirrored flickers cast thoughts of shadow Across a pyramid of marbled stone. I wonder how ancient your seeing was Holding cool cosmic weight in my palm.

The Beginning!

sines of fear1 This blog has been a long time in the making. For years, I started and stopped writing, and very little of it actually ended up making it to the internet. Most of what I've published has been images of my modeling and performance, which I will continue to do here. What will be different this time is my motivation to read, research, and delve deeply into topics I'm passionate about: art, performance, style, design, makeup artistry, sexual liberation, self care, culture and spirituality.

I have experienced several instances of turmoil in recent years, all of which have pushed me to dig deeper into my spirituality, my goals, and my purpose in life. Above all, performance has been the pedestal where I have achieved the most personal growth. My career as a model and visual art entity have opened up avenues of creativity that I long to outline and share with others. I find my greatest fulfillment in the construction of imagery and story, captured through photography and live installation art. My main thread in this blog will highlight performance resources, my inspirations, the evolution of my artistry, and a spotlight on performance artists currently making moves.

Within my world of performance falls the rest of the topics I plan to cover: Fashion & Style - everything from the runways of Fashion Week events, to street style, to subculture trends, up and coming designers, and my personal style. Makeup - highlighting techniques & products, beauty professionals that are killing the game, and a special focus on theatrical & drag makeup and my personal techniques. Art & Design - links to excellent art blogs and artist resources, tools/tutorials/resources that I utilize to create my media, and spotlights on my artist crushes. Culture - LGBTQ+ Culture, Black Culture, Subculture, Millennial Culture, World Culture. Sexuality - Focusing on sexual liberation and gender expression for those who do not subscribe to the binary, showcasing NSFW artists, as well as my own NSFW art. Self Care - Meditation and spiritual practice, resources for emotional & mental health, techniques for being your best self, and many excerpts of my own journey.

I look forward to sharing, creating, and exploring here for a long time to come. Starting this blog is a pact with myself to keep doing these things on a regular basis, and to elevate my craft with the process of documenting my progress.

Thanks for following!