Aquarius Funkk is a queer performance artist, model and makeup artist, who creates dynamic work for photo, video, and live events. As a performer, their artistic practice began in Portland, ME, and has continued throughout the US and Mexico. Aquarius collaborates with artists of various mediums, and their body of work also includes event production, art direction, hair & makeup, graphic design, accessory  & costume design.

Aquarius creates performances that are inspired by iconic artists such as Grace Jones, Prince, Sylvester, Leigh Bowery, and Josephine Baker. In exploring the possibilities of the body, Aquarius builds imagery which evokes movements of afrofuturism, radical identity, and channeling the inner feminine & masculine. Their inspiration comes from modern and traditional styles of dance, black music & culture, and the underground cultures of vogue ballroom and queer nightlife.

Aquarius has a repertoire of cabaret, burlesque, vogue, impersonation, conceptual
& performance art acts. They thrive on improvisation and body intelligence,
and her work blends site-specific choreography, radical experimentation, hand detailed costuming, and theatrical makeup. Each performance is uniquely crafted and staged accordingly for small venues, theaters, nightclubs, festivals, street performance, and any dance floor in between.

Notably, Aquarius has collaborated with performance art troupe La Pocha Nostra in Mexico and the US, most recently at the Santa Fe Art Institute in August 2017. They have also been featured in Dispatch Magazine, Femme Rebelle Magazine, Zahiya Magazine, Ellements Body, This: Travel & Style and Revista Fang. Aquarius Funkk is a member of the Royal House of LaBeija, the pioneering house of vogue ballroom.